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desktop metal begins shipping its metal 3d printers for the office

by:Tuowei     2019-09-05
Massachusetts-based metal 3D-
Print startup Desktop Metal announced on Monday that it is now shipping printers to customers in its \"pioneer\" project.
These first printers come from their Studio system, which allows
Office printing of metal parts in a fast and efficient way.
The first to receive the printer was Google\'s advanced technology and product group.
Other clients include the US Navy.
Rite tools and molds and Lumenium.
David d zley, Google ATAP manager, said in a statement: \"This marks the first time our team has been able to prototype our hardware components quickly using metal 3D printing.
Rick Fulop, founder and CEO of desktop metal, told Forbes that the company has received hundreds of system orders with a similar appeal to plastic 3D-printers -
No special facilities or equipment are required for use.
\"In the field of printing, you can never get metal parts where you work,\" he said . \".
\"There are no other machines in the world that can print metal in the office.
This allows engineers to print, make tools, test parts, or design them next to their desks.
\"One of the Pioneer customers of desktop metal is Virgina\'s Lumenium-
A manufacturer dedicated to the new design of internal combustion engines.
For a specific part of their engine, the company works with engineers in desktop metal to determine if there is a way to use printers to streamline industrial processes.
According to the company, using desktop metal printers, they produce parts twice as fast as they produce them, and cost less than 20%.
This type of case study is what the company aims to emphasize when it starts shipping printers to previous customers and then further expands its operations.
By the second half of 2018, the company aims to produce-
Expanding 3D printers in the market will enable manufacturers to use their systems for more applications.
\"Desktop metal is leading the way in large-scale adoption of metal 3D printing,\" said Andy Wheeler, general partner of GV, which invests in desktop metal (
So far, the company has raised $0. 212 billion in venture capital).
\"The studio system marks the first end --to-
End metal printing solutions that can be used in typical office environments without the need for industrial facilities.
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