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disney’s new tech will one day let you feel holograms

by:Tuowei     2019-08-17
Holographic Imaging has been firmly in the field of science. fi for years.
Until recently, scientists have been able to roughly reproduce what we have seen in the film for more than 60 years.
Now, Disney researchers have made another breakthrough in the technology that allows you to feel holographic images.
Disney Research recently announced a new project called AIREAL, which allows users to \"perceive\" virtual objects.
Disney describes it like this: What\'s more interesting about AIREAL is that it\'s actually cheap.
Most of the components are made on 3D printers, so Disney\'s researchers can prototype immediately in their lab, instead of making parts elsewhere.
As for the use, Disney believes AIREAL in its \"large-
Expand the computer enhancement environment.
\"In other words, you may see this technology at a Disney World or a Disney World attraction.
It also sees the technology playing a role in the future \"game and story telling, mobile interface and gesture control.
\"If you would like to learn more about AIREAL, please take a look at Disney\'s research paper on the technology.
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