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Do prototype business to calm down

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2018-07- 25 17: 17

The prototype company has been in the blink of an eye for more than half a year, and the performance can't bear to look directly at it. Although it insists on sending letters every day and returning to old customers, there are very few customers who really have a reply. Most customers seem to have disappeared. Even those who have had more inquiries before have not had an inquiry recently, but the negative energy is bursting. Every night, they ask themselves, how to persist, is the method wrong? How to correct it? People say that quantitative changes will change to a certain extent, but they have not found any signs yet.

There is also a sinking heart to think about analyzing a single customer, the key breakthrough, the sea fish or not. So when I was eating with my colleague BB, I chatted a few words and talked about the local conditions and customs of some countries and the matters to be paid attention to. In recent months, many countries in Europe have summer vacation, so it is relatively light, it is the off-season that we should stick to marketing. It is just now the World Cup season. My pseudo-fans said they should also install it. At least understand the general trend, in this way, when you talk to customers in the future, there are topics that are not explicit.

enriched the industry and product knowledge today after work, the original PA, PP prototype can also be viscose, depending on the specific design and use of the workpiece, but ABS parts are much more commonly used than other materials.

make a little progress every day, do not be discouraged and do not give up, and look forward to qualitative change, however, the premise is that we must work hard to accumulate every day and strive to be a qualified prototype salesman.

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