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Do small batch prototypes usually use more?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-08- 03 09: 56

small batch prototype processing is a common processing method in the prototype industry, mainly vacuum re-molding, low pressure perfusion, etc, its production cycle is also relatively short, and the cost is relatively low. So do you usually use more small batch prototypes? The following small series will explain it to you.

small batch prototypes are common in the current market, when the material is soft glue or rubber or small batch production of plastic products, this process will be selected. Some of its advantages are also obvious. Generally, CNC Machining requires hundreds of prototypes, the price can be reduced to dozens of pieces by using small batch vacuum compound mold, and the processing cycle is also short.

when processing, each silicone mold can only be made about 10 sets, and then it is easy to deform and shrink. The silicone mold made of imported materials can be copied about 20 times each. However, small batch processing has a significant disadvantage, that is, the accuracy is not high. I believe this is a well-known thing in the industry. Generally, customers who do such prototypes will not have too high precision requirements.

small batch prototype processing is still used more often at ordinary times, just because of its large tolerance, it is generally not suitable for new product testing, but more for exhibitors at the exhibition.

cnc machining prototype service plastic components manufacturing process is generally used to abs prototype.
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