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doctors save life of girl, 2, by using 3d printer to create replica of her heart

by:Tuowei     2019-08-23
A doctor at a London hospital had a life test.
Save the operation on two people. year-
Little girl using a 3D printer to make a heart replica.
Mina Khan was born with a heart deformity, which doctors believe is irreparable, and has become one of the first people in the UK to benefit from the technology pioneered at St. Thomas Hospital.
But by copying her heart, the surgeon can check the exact size and location of the large and potentially fatal hole on the wall between her two heart chambers.
The surgical team then designed a custom patch to stitch the holes, reducing the risk of surgical direction and complications.
Natasha Barkley, the mother of Mina from Greater Manchester Bury, said: \"Her hair did not even grow until the operation, and she had to be fed entirely through the tube.
\"But now that she is eating for herself, she is not breathless, and she becomes an ordinary little girl.
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