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Doodling got easier

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
3D printing is popular all over the world.
However, the technology does seem too expensive and complex for many people.
WobbleWorks uses this technology to create a 3D print pen called 3 Doodler as an economy and user
Friendly choice.
Also, it\'s fun to use.
This pen integrates the basic functions of a 3D printer (
Heat source and Extruder)
, Thus creating a device that can be held in your hand.
The pen must be plastic (ABS or PLA)
The pen is printed by letting you draw an object made of plastic on the surface or in the air.
If you want to customize any plastic objects you have or make temporary repairs to anything made of plastic, the temporary repair tool 3 doodler can be very convenient.
You can also use a template to draw something more precise.
The pen has a nozzle of 3mm and the temperature setting can be adjusted according to the type of plastic you use.
You can use two kinds of plastic. ABS (
Strong, flexible, recyclable), or PLA (corn-
Biodegradable, fragile but more sticky).
Since ABS are not glued together, it is difficult to draw ABS on any surface.
One thing you have to remember
It takes practice to use 3 DoCoMo and a lot of practice.
Your first attempt will be far from what is called art.
You have to know how fast you can draw in order to make some changes with your hand before the plastic cools down.
This pen has a slow and fast button that adjusts the speed of the plastic flow.
You need to learn to work with them.
Some practice is also needed to change the color.
You have to press the slow and quick buttons to remove the plastic strands from the pen.
After taking it out, the melted part must be cut off and a new color applied.
Sometimes the pen may not have enough stocks to push it out of the back, so you have to spray it out so it\'s a waste of time.
The plastic strands must melt in order for the pen to be squeezed out, and in order to avoid the cooling of the plastic in contact with the nozzle, the nozzle also remains heated.
It can reach a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius.
The pen needs a power outlet to help generate enough heat to melt the plastic strands.
It does not need a computer or SD card that stores the design.
If you like graffiti, imagine yourself spending hours drawing and creating with this pen, then you have to do it in advance
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