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Features and uses of prototype model silicone

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2017-09- 06 15: 53

The features of the prototype model silica gel and its use the prototype model silica gel is an active liquid, and the real quality is constant no matter what color it is. Component is the active liquid and component B is the curing agent. First handle the molded or copied products, take a certain amount of gel and add 2- The curing agent of 3% can be used after mixing evenly, 2-Mold can be cured in 3 hours. The prototype model silicone has no deformation, no shrinkage, high temperature resistance, and can be used repeatedly after mold molding. It provides rapid molding for products, and the product shrinkage can reach 2‰. It is mainly used for prototype models and Small Batch replication products. The purpose of prototype model silica gel: prototype model design, PVC plastic mold, cement product mold, melting point alloy mold, alloy toy process, plastic toy crafts, gift stationery, large Statue, cultural relics reproduction, sole mold manufacturing, pad positioning, electronic equipment earthquake resistance, etc. Prototype model silicone product use: 1. The prototype silicone is used on small products or products with fine patterns. The mold should be made with silicon-soft silica gel. This is due to the precise and small products. At the time of demoulding, the items in the mold are easily damaged, so soft silica gel must be used to make the mold. 2. If you are copying large products or making large products, you must use silica gel with large hardness to make molds so that the products made are not deformed.

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