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Four common models and techniques for making plastic prototype models in Shenzhen

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-08- 31 14: 30

Four common modes and techniques for making Shenzhen plastic prototype model

1, CNC machining center:

CNC machining center is directly processed and formed according to the programmed procedures. It is cheaper than Laser Rapid Prototyping. CNC prototype materials are widely selected and the size is accurate, there are many kinds of prototypes that can be made.

2. Laser Rapid Prototyping: SLA and SLS

1. SLA laser molding is UV light under computer control, according to the pre-written program, it is scanned and solidified layer by layer, close to the design drawing file, with high precision and fast single piece speed. ( The material of the defect SLA is easy to break, and it needs to be supplemented quickly to adapt to the prototype of multiple sets of products)

2, SLS (Selective laser sintering of powder materials)Formed by powder-like materials. Spread the material powder on the upper surface of the formed part and scrape it flat; high-intensity CO2 laser is used to scan the section of the part on the newly paved new layer; The material powder is sintering together under high-intensity laser irradiation to obtain the section of the part and connect with the formed part below; When a layer of cross section is finished, a new layer of powder material is laid, and the lower section is selectively sintering. ( Advantages: it can use a variety of materials, simple manufacturing process, high precision, high material utilization rate, low price and low cost; Warp deformation is smaller than SLA. Disadvantages: the surface of the part is rough, the particles are large, and the surface needs to be polished manually. )

3. Complex model (Vacuum perfusion) :

vacuum compound mold is made of silicone mold in vacuum state by using the original sample, and PU material is used for pouring in vacuum state, thus cloning the same copy as the original model, which is better than the original model's high temperature resistance, strength and hardness performance. If the customer requires several sets or dozens of prototypes, it is very suitable for this method, which greatly reduces the cost.

4. Manual processing of CNC prototype: sample and polish the samples made in the above three ways and assemble them. Assembled into finished products, can be shipped after quality inspection.

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