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Four Features of prototype model making

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-03- 04 08: 00

prototype model production has four major features. First, high quality. To achieve the high quality of the product, the prototype itself must be of good quality, good stability, good consistency of the product, and to ensure life, moisture resistance, wear resistance.

second, low cost. This requires the design, processing and assembly of prototype model production to achieve low-cost manufacturing and low-cost supply of prototype models, and more importantly, to enable the prototype model user to use the prototype model to achieve low-cost production. This puts forward higher requirements for some prototype model production, not only to ensure the quality of the pass, but also to ensure the low cost of the prototype. Let customers make money first, and then make money by themselves. In the process of requiring low cost, whether it is a prototype model production enterprise or an enterprise using a prototype model, constantly adjusting management and gradually realizing information management are the common requirements and progress and development direction of the enterprise.

Third, the accuracy is high. When each enterprise develops a new product, it is necessary to test the feasibility of the product with a prototype. The accuracy required by each product is different, and the accuracy determines the success or failure. Especially in the medical industry, it takes high precision to make large products.

its fourth appearance is exquisite. The prototype requires a beautiful and generous appearance with no flaws in the interior. This requires fine quality prototyping to be adapted to it. A beautiful prototype can bring visual impact. At present, some small enterprises have a big gap in refinement, which is often ignored and lost.

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