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Hardware prototype factory, working efficiency 10%

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-10- 12 17: 11

I believe that most customers will choose a hardware prototype factory with high work efficiency when doing hardware prototypes, this means that they can develop new products as soon as possible or participate in the exhibition as soon as possible, so as to better obtain economic benefits.

just in July of this year, miss Zhang, a customer from Shanghai. Search in BaiduHardware prototype factory' After finding the extension model, we immediately got in touch with the extension model. Sent 3d drawings for quotation, Miss Zhang knew that tuowei model was engaged in hardware prototype customization for 17 years, and she had a lot of trust in tuowei model.

Miss Zhang has also found many hardware prototype factories before, it's just that the quality of the prototype they made is really not good, either the machining accuracy does not meet the requirements, or the surface treatment effect is good. Although they are cheap, they always have to rework, which reduces work efficiency. Miss Zhang saw the pictures of the five-axis machine and the us cto guiding fuel injection on the website of the extension model. I believe that the extension model can do a good job in accuracy and appearance, so I quickly signed a contract.

few days later, miss Zhang received the hardware prototype sent by the extension model, which met her requirements in terms of accuracy and appearance. Miss Zhang is very happy and fully affirmed the extension model. Only by finding an experienced and large-scale hardware prototype factory can we improve the work efficiency by 10%.

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