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hello, jetsons: 3d printer turns fish into fun snacks

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
It is thin and rich in protein, but how can any parent get their children to eat more fish?
In Iceland, the government
The owned food and biotechnology company called Matis is experimenting with my dream machine, which is by far the closest to the 1960 cartoon character Jane Jetson\'s food --A-Rac-A-Cycle.
It\'s called Foodini, a 3D food printer.
\"It\'s not exciting to have children eat fish fillets, but if you can create dinosaur shapes or volcanoes . . . . . . If I were a child, I would definitely look for cod in the form of a volcano, \"joked Holly kristson, who had Mattis\'s food scientist.
Kristinsson stirred the mixture of salt cod, milk and potatoes in a bowl and filled five boxes with fish mud inside the door of Foodini.
Foodini press a few buttons to start printing the food into the shape of the stars.
Kristinsson will have these threeinch-
Stir on the plate and spray a little seafood sauce in the middle to color.
\"This is a way for children to get excited about eating seafood,\" she said . \".
Kristinsson explained to me that Foodini was developed by a company called \"natural foods\" to deal with food waste.
\"If you have food leftovers, you can grind them into mud and develop them into whatever shape you want.
Adalbjornsson hopes that 3D food printing will mean that young people will enjoy the taste of fish.
Adalbjornsson works in marketing at Matis, but he is also a nutritionist.
He wants to see an increase in seafood consumption in his country, where-
In Newfoundland and Labrador
People who try many choices don\'t always like to take risks.
I visited a well.
Adalbjornsson, Iceland\'s famous supermarket chain, knows how much seafood locals can buy.
We stroll after the fresh and frozen Icelandic coolercaught fish;
Cod, black line fish, cod, salmon, shrimp, scam skin and more.
There seems to be no room for choice, but Adaljornsson says there is still not enough choice for the abundant sources of omega 3.
\"As a nutritionist, I sometimes say that we are lying in a healthy chest, but we are not using it.
Our Ocean is one of the cleanest oceans on Earth . . . . . . With the changing patterns of children\'s consumption in Iceland, we can minimize the negative effects of modern lifestyle diseases.
\"The seafood area of the store has a whole wall dedicated to dry fish --
Fish fillet, dried fish and dried fish.
\"Many people use it as a snack, the only thing is that it\'s relatively expensive, so it\'s easier for young people to get 1 out of 3 chips,\" Adalbjornsson said . \".
Nevertheless, he said the situation in Iceland has improved and most canteens now offer at least one meal of fish meal per week.
\"My wife works at the bank and they have marine food twice a week.
\"Seaweed replaces pork, and what progress has been made in the consumption of fish, which can be attributed to svinnkjartansson, one of Iceland\'s most famous chefs and one of the local food champions.
Kjartanssont told me that he had always dreamed of becoming a professional pastry chef but was famous in Iceland for serving and promoting other things --seafood.
His taste of the ocean came entirely from his childhood.
The fishmonger sends the fish to his door every week.
\"I did eat a lot of seaweed when I was young,\" he recalls . \".
\"On Saturday, when the family was sitting in front of the TV, we had a bag of black seaweed.
I thought all my friends were eating the same thing, but they were eating popcorn.
\"Listen to the stories of other Jane Adi BroadcastToday, a well-known Nordic restaurant in Reykjavik calledAALTOBistroin houscultural Center-
Fish soup, egg tarts, grilled Coke and crab cakes make diners very happy here.
His attention to the use of local ingredients is similar to that of Todd Perrin and raymond\'s jeremy Charles in their St.
John\'s restaurant
Kjartanssonis is also known in Iceland for its weekly TV show fagurfiskur, which means \"beautiful fish\" in Iceland \".
\"The theme of the show is cooking and eating seafood.
\"Our goal is for locals to eat more than 60 grams of fish a week.
\"At that time, young people didn\'t even eat one dish every week,\" explains Skjartansson . \".
\"We try to say, don\'t be afraid to cook fish, it\'s not as hard as you think.
\"Eating at home sets an example. The content of the program is fast --
Use unusual cooking methods to attract the attention of young audiences.
He filmed a scene in a car School.
\"I cook fish with a blowtorch.
\"When I asked kjartansson about 3D food printing, he didn\'t seem to find it all appealing because he made and shaped food for a living by both hands.
But no matter what progress has been made, he has been involved in making it more aware of the health benefits of fish and people harvesting fish from the Icelandic ocean.
\"Someone is on board and they are trying to get it and we have to start appreciating it more . . . . . . This is our product and they should eat it proudly, \"urgesKjartansson.
The skin of the fashionista: how does this smart leather attract customers. She believes that increased fish consumption in Iceland and other coastal areas is the best marketing tool in the industry.
\"I think if you don\'t eat at home, you can\'t sell it as easily as you do abroad.
If the locals don\'t eat, it\'s not convincing.
\"What can we learn?
Iceland\'s fisheries and marine innovation industries are booming.
In September, a group of harvesters, processors, researchers and government officials from the United NationsL.
Go there and see what you can learn.
Broadcast host JaneAdey also made the trip and developed a series of calledEye in Iceland.
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