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high-tech fabricator scores $467k

by:Tuowei     2019-08-21
Hey, time traveler!
This article was published in 1/3/2015 (2283 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. Vincent Company
Has received $467,000 from the federal government to buy high
Eventually make the equipment that anyone in the city can use.
The profit seminar, founded more than a year ago, is entirely composed of founders and members and sweat equity in the private sector.
Supported by industries such as Princess cars and high-speed Crows, there is now technology on hand to compete with Tier 1 manufacturers.
AssentWorks has, among other things, obtained
Technology 3D printers and sophisticated 3D scanners.
More equipment is expected to arrive in the next three weeks.
\"Last year, we had the basic capabilities that you could come in and test,\" said Michael Legley, chairman and co-chair.
It is also the founder of AssentWorks, CEO of securities companies.
\"Now, the actual company can come in and complete a prototype.
Whether you\'re a basement startup or a Boeing company, we\'ll have equipment that makes sense in your prototyping process.
\"Public Safety Minister Vic TOIS, a member of Provencher, presented the cheque to AssentWorks on Friday on behalf of the Western ministry of economic diversity.
\"This investment will remove barriers for new entrepreneurs, otherwise they will not be able to purchase the professional equipment needed to carry out new prototype research and development,\" said Toews . \".
AssentWorks is already the largest \"maker space \"(
Manufacturing facilities)in Canada.
The company has about 100 members, including entrepreneurs, inventors, refiners, artists and innovators, and recently worked with Ramp-
Manitoba, a like-minded group of entrepreneurs dedicated to numbers
Technology Startup
Members pay $100 24 a month-
Hourly access to equipment and work space on the third floor of Adelaide Street Heritage Building-
If they commit to a certain amount of volunteer time, there will be less.
The key to the federal government\'s contribution, Legary said, is AssentWorks\'s commitment to providing a lot of cash to everyone.
\"They put money into buying the equipment and we will make sure the equipment goes public,\" said Legary . \".
\"If they fund another project, it may be difficult for ordinary people in Manitoba to get $500,000.
But the device is there if you want to show up tomorrow and scan something. \"martin. cash@freepress. mb.
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