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How I found affordable art in Hong Kong

by:Tuowei     2019-08-11
Stroll through the center of the old town and you will find Gallery rows featuring emerging contemporary artists and famous international masters.
The city has creative centres, auction houses and art fairs, such as the Basel Centre for the Arts and the Centre for the Arts;
The whole month is designated as \"Art Month \".
This summer, the Kwun Tong Cultural and Art Center will open on Hollywood Road, while the Hong Kong Museum of Art is undergoing a major renovation and will reopen next year.
Hong Kong may be the center of the Asian art scene, but you don\'t need to spend a lot of money to take it home.
Here are the works of art at an affordable price in Hong Kong.
There\'s no better place for the Affordable Art Fair than this. of-a-
Better than the art fair.
Especially with the name \'affordable.
This may be the sixth Affordable Art Fair of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, with 115 galleries showcasing emerging artists and established artists (
And a young Hong Kong exhibition);
Starting at HK $1,000, or about US $165 (CAD).
There are art supermarkets all year round, where you can find art at an affordable price-
It\'s the art supermarket.
Michael Manzardo, the Swiss boss, thinks everyone should be exposed to art.
City center-
The gallery presents contemporary Asian and Western artists with a focus on emerging Chinese talent.
This historic building, PMQ, was once the place where police got married.
Now PMQ has become the center of creativity and the former residential units have become design studios and shops.
There are nearly 100 creative companies here-and-
Artists and designers from Hong Kongand selling)
Everything from fashion, accessories and jewelry to home decor, furniture and art
Find the perfect place to make a unique-in-
Hong Kong souvenirs.
The neighborhood of Wong Chuk Hang, located in the southern district, has been transformed into a contemporary art center with trendy galleries and independent studios in the renovated warehouses and office buildings.
Huang chuhang is considered a \"secret\" hipster gathering place in the city, featuring galleries such as de Salte, Rossi and Rossi, Pikin Fine Arts, blind spots, and Arisan Fine Arts;
Art auctions and art day activities are also underway.
The strange thing is in the Holy.
Near Francis Street in Wan Chai, it is strange that there is a philosophy that art should be appreciated by many people rather than a few.
The gallery offers a range of affordable art in a limited format
Printing and products (
Screen included
Printed tote bag and home decor)from up-and-
Future Artists and designers.
The idea behind YellowKorner, Hollywood, Hong Kong, is to expose everyone to art photography.
High standards remain in the selection of photographers and print quality.
There are two branches in Hong Kong (
One on Hollywood Road and the other on PMQ)
Provides works by historical, contemporary and modern photographers;
The print is available in multiple sizes with a certificate of authenticity attached.
The Edge club used to be a dairy farm warehouse. Classical brickand-
The stucco building is now home to the Edge Club, a non-
Profit location of Up contemporary worksand-
Future artists including art, photography, theater and music.
This exhibition and performance space in the city center helps bring experimental works to the city\'s art stage.
Deep water po used to be the center of Hong Kong\'s garment manufacturing industry, this factory
The class community is evolving into the \"manufacturer\" center of the city.
Common Room & Co.
It is a cafe, art gallery and creative space.
Laser cutting machine and 3D printer on site.
Original materials, such as leather, are now available in nearby shops (
For example, brother leather products sell DIY leather)
North latitude sells finished products at 22 degrees-
Including hand made leather wallets and satchels-
Local designer
The Jockey Club Creative Arts Center is a former factory.
Shep Kip Mei class of Jockey Club Creative Arts Center, due to more than 100 artists and designers opening shop here, is now full of energy.
You will find everything from painting, sculpture and ceramics to glass art, prints, installations, photography and video production.
The center was established for one year
Round events by local designers and weekend craft markets.
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