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How the price of the prototype is calculated

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-11- 15 15: 36

most customers asked how much it would cost to make this prototype, but we should be clear that the prototype is a customized product, it is necessary to provide the corresponding design drawings. It is necessary to look at the specific size of the customer drawings. After knowing the relevant data, it is necessary to refer to other material structures and other factors to calculate the price of the prototype, the quotation involves the demand of the whole product, the same product that looks similar, but the price will be different if there is more than one process. The prototype quotation is to analyze the product size according to the 3D map, there is also the process and processing time required to quote. Of course, the price reference factors of different prototype processing processes are also different.

If you are doing a cnc prototype, consider the requirements of the prototype surface treatment process you need. The more the process, the higher the price naturally. Secondly, it depends on the size and complexity of the prototype, these two factors are proportional to the price of the prototype, the larger the size, the more materials, the higher the complexity, the greater the difficulty, the more time-consuming, the higher the price naturally; The latter is to see the accuracy requirements. If the accuracy requirements are very high (For example, 0. 01mm) The processing equipment has certain requirements and technical and manual requirements, and the production cost has increased, so the price will also change.

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