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How to achieve the bright effect of plastic parts

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2015-11- 05 18: 14

to achieve the bright effect of plastic parts, there are mainly the following methods:

1. 1K primer can be sprayed on the surface of the plastic prototype. 1K primer is generally used to spray light-colored and bottom-covering topcoats, you can also add the top coat to mix it into the corresponding same-color primer to improve the covering ability of the top coat. If you feel that 1K primer is darker on the prototype surface, 2 K primer is a good choice for you, and it can greatly improve the bright effect of the prototype surface.

2, over UV, general plastic prototype products if the injection, silk screen and other processes, after the treatment of UV highlights will protect the surface, the surface is attached to a smooth and transparent effect. When passing through UV, first spray a layer of UV oil on the surface of the prototype, and then let it pass through the UV machine to let the UV lamp shine on it. It should be noted that the success rate of UV is relatively low, and the surface will crack if it is not good, so special care should be taken when UV is passed.

The above are two ways to realize the bright surface of the plastic prototype, hoping to help you.

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