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How to calculate the price of aluminum alloy prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-07- 03 16: 34

If the aluminum alloy prototype is generally made, the customer not only pays attention to the accuracy, delivery and secrecy of the prototype, but also pays great attention to its price, since the prototype model does not have a fixed price, it must be quoted according to the drawings, so it is necessary to master its calculation method to know if it has been pitted by the manufacturer, the following extension model introduces you to the calculation method of the price of aluminum alloy prototype.

In general, the price of the aluminum alloy prototype has something to do with its volume. The larger the volume of the prototype, the larger the material required during processing, so the higher its cost, thus, the price will rise. Secondly, the more complex the shape of the prototype, when processing, the quality of the equipment and the professional level of the operator have higher requirements, corresponding, labor costs will also rise, resulting in an increase in the price of prototypes.

Again, the more surface treatment processes the prototype has, the longer the processing time will be, and the price of the aluminum alloy prototype, in addition to the relationship with the material, the labor cost also accounts for a large proportion, the more the process surface treatment process, the more time it takes, the more labor costs will increase. In general, labor costs will need to reach 30- 40 yuan an hour, people familiar with the prototype industry know that in the price of the prototype, the labor cost is almost 80%, so the surface treatment process is closely related to the price.

The above is the prototype price of aluminum alloy summarized by the extension model for you. calculation method, hope to help you.

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