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How to find a professional prototype factory in Shenzhen

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2016-12- 09 15: 22

In today's age of the car, the car has become a part of most family members. So why is there a car prototype? Because the car prototype is an essential link before the car is put into the market.

The development of society, the increase in the status and demand of automobiles in the family, in order to improve people's aesthetic fatigue and material pursuit, some businesses have to update cars or other items that have already been put into the market in order to seek more benefits, in order to be trusted by more friends. After the car is updated or upgraded, the role of the car prototype is needed to check whether the updated car prototype can meet their requirements.

since a prototype needs to be made, do you have to find the corresponding prototype factory? I'm sure I have to find a large, professional and quality car prototype factory? So which one is good in Shenzhen large automobile prototype processing factory? In fact, like our Shenzhen tuowei prototype factory, it is a professional large-scale automobile prototype processing factory with guaranteed quality. Our company was established in 2002, became a regular supplier of BYD cars in 2008, and successfully passed the IS09001 quality certification in 2010.

in these 15 years in the prototype industry journey, in addition to our cooperation with BYD, we are also trusted by many auto processing manufacturers and have also done many large car prototypes. As shown in the following figure, this car bumper prototype requires 10 customers, if these 10 are processed with CNC, the price will be very expensive; However, if low pressure perfusion is used, many prototype factories need to be sent out. And we can provide one-stop service without sending out, effectively protecting the business secrets of customers at that time.

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