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How To Find Cool Things To 3D Print: Sketchfab, MyMiniFactory, Thingiverse

by:Tuowei     2019-08-11
From fidgety spinner to key holder, spiral vase to Marvel Iron Man mask, it\'s easy to find the cool stuff for 3D printing online.
It may be too easy.
While this column often goes deep into the practical application of 3D printing, from metal 3D printing to biological printing, 3D printing often uses the name \"plastic toy\" or tchotchke, this is not really accurate or fair.
Very Cool cosplay costume for tip, Thingiverse user DaDave.
When people say that 3D printing is a toy for enthusiasts to print, they mean-\"Why print what I can buy at the dollar store?
Yes, some items are toys or toys.
Like, but practical and practical in printing objects to meet specific needs.
In order to get specific needs, or to find those \"aha\" moments that lead to practicality, some fun ideas are needed.
You will see a lot of this in the 3D model Library mentioned here and the post I linked.
3D printer File: What I can 3D print and sell hereand on social)
There is news that \"I am very interested in 3D printing and selling things.
Can you figure it out for me?
\"It\'s a fairly broad requirement and I always have people look at places like Etsy where there are many independent vendors doing that.
They find a market segment to make models and print products for their customers. Study those.
If you don\'t have 3D modeling skills, you can find someone willing to help you on some of the 3D printer file sites mentioned today.
There must be a place for small merchants (and big ones)
3D printed products for sale, including customized products and small products.
Note: If you\'re looking for a niche where you might start a business, I\'m starting to list a list of ideas (
There are some examples.
In another article in Forbes: The power of 3D printers in business.
I \'ve been looking for some new models, so this article gives me the chance to search the web for practical 3D printer files, maybe just a little whimsical.
Shout out Cults3D.
Com is one of the upcoming 3D model repositories-although I don\'t have enough space to include them in the title.
Four of my favorite 3D printing model sites you can print easily (
Although some may be more difficult than others)
: Thingiverse, myminifacket, cult 3D, Sketchfab.
Also, I have to mention one of my favorite sites to motivate me to do something: Step-by-step instruction with itby-
Step instructions for doing anything.
If you\'re looking for someone to take these 3D models and adjust them, or create objects from scratch, this is a place to go.
Here\'s just an example of a cool 3D printing project that you can use at home, get your kids involved in the project, or get your neighbors involved-build your own solar WiFi weather station0. All3DP.
Com is a website that contains 3D printer files, hardware reviews and guides, news and more.
Here\'s a review of some very useful practical models that you can print in 3D, whether you\'re a beginner or an advanced user.
For example, they have a section called \"Printables\" where you can see a description of a single project or find a list of cool Raspberry Pi cases.
Or, here\'s a larger list of the more general eclectic combinations of utility objects.
After I almost finished the article, I found that they have a big list of all the places where you can find 3D models. Of course;
Jump here for that list.
I\'m a fan of Mathias Plica, CEO and colleague
One of the leading 3D printing magazines, All3DP also offers unique 3D printing price comparison services.
The service allows you to upload 3D models, select materials, and compare the prices of its partner services (
I\'m not sure how many partners so far).
Some of these warehouses provide 3D model files for free, and some are charged.
Some people follow the Creative Commons license for personal use only, not for commercial use.
Others allow you to do whatever you want with this file.
Point: read the terms and conditions of each model.
If you are looking for unique work you can print for your own Etsy
Type shop, read it carefully, and consider contacting the creator about possible collaborations.
Many posts in these lists are a bit redundant, so you\'ll see some of the same objects.
But if you\'re looking for ideas or models, the link I\'m sharing here is a great start.
Oh, there are two more here: instructures 101 3D printing and Fossbytes 49 Very Useful 3D printing stuff.
If you have something 3D printed that you want to share, on my bio you can click on \"me\" on Twitter or on Insta.
I \'d love to see it.
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