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How to make the prototype model benefit you

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2017-09- 05 20: 44

How to make the prototype model bring benefits to you

each trader invests a lot of money to cultivate so many talents, only one purpose is to win the benefits for your company and create wealth for yourself. Is there only one Bill Gates? In fact, he is not a god. Once he was ordinary, he couldn't be ordinary anymore, just because he would think about how to make his company invest less energy and earn the most money.

so how can prototype model products create wealth for the company?

First of all, we should reduce costs in products, shorten the cycle of production products, and strive to speed up production. Then this requires layoffs, the so-called natural selection, the survival of the fittest, the choice of Malley, intelligent workers, and benefit from their speed.

In addition, the workflow should be designed reasonably and resources should not be wasted in a certain link. There is also a people-oriented, Humanistic Management will make the masses more obedient to you and more willing to work for the company. Jobs once said that you are the company. Such a view will unite the prototype factory, thinking for the company alone will bring more unexpected benefits to the company.

The important thing is innovation. If a company only walks on the old road, it will definitely be eliminated and invested in appropriate manpower and material resources to study and develop new technologies. Only by achieving results in scientific research can we enable our company to create more wealth.

Details determine everything, and grasp the design, production, materials, production, sales and other aspects of the prototype model, then it is equal to grasping the interests. No matter which link you are in, think carefully, save more benefits and avoid detours with your brain. Let the small prototype factory bring you the wealth of God. These are not impossible, but lack of thinking. Try it if you don't believe it!

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