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How to process a larger prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2017-11- 01 11: 53

if a general customer makes a prototype, he encounters a prototype with a smaller size, and this size basically does not exceed the processing stroke of the machine, it is also more convenient to do. Sometimes, the prototype factory will also encounter some large-sized prototypes, especially those with a length of more than one metre, which exceeds the CNC machining schedule of many prototype factories. What should I do at this time? In fact, there are two ways to deal with this situation.

If the itinerary of CNC machining equipment is relatively small, it needs to be disassembled, then the parts will be spliced back, but doing so will affect the strength of the prototype, and the performance is not as good as the prototype of the whole processing. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the choice of materials and try our best to choose those materials with better viscosity. ABS is a good material. After unpacking, it will be spliced back, which will not have a great impact on strength, and if the surface is sprayed with a layer of paint, there is basically no trace.

Another method is the whole processing, this requires that the equipment processing stroke of the prototype factory is large enough, and the processing stroke is relatively large, and the processing stroke can reach more than 2 m. In addition, there are also some prototype factories that have a relatively large processing schedule, such as the extension model, which can reach 2000 and employ experienced operators, therefore, it is easy to make a relatively large prototype.

after reading this article, I believe you know how to process the big prototype.

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