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‘lifelike and cheap’ sex robots made with 3d printers ‘will fuel surge in addiction’

by:Tuowei     2019-08-19
For the first time, a six-robot company showed the head made with 3D printers for realistic robots at a trade fair in China.
Previously, silicone components for six robots-
External parts, not internal parts--
Casting must be used.
It\'s a complicated time.
High concentration consumption process-
The cost of any given component increases. Changing to 3D-
Printing means that you no longer need to make a mold, but can use a cheaper, faster 3D-scan.
The company has promised to use only the face of the \"agreed\" model, saying that pervy customers will not be able to send requests for scanning or copying people, thus avoiding some concerns, according to industry insiders.
Making robots cheaper and accessible increases the risk that addiction becomes a more common problem.
For drinkers with problems, six robots have the same functions as alcohol. . .
This is an escape from the self.
This is the psychology behind it, \"Dr. Thaddeus Birchard, a topsychlogical therapist, said in an online interview with The Daily Star.
Robot expert Joe Snell has previously claimed that sex robots can be addictive because they provide a channel that is readily available to \"adapt\" to people\'s addiction.
Snell cites the fact that you can design the robot\'s program to satisfy the sexual fantasies of each host, which is a special problem ---
The ability to customize them more cheaply and efficiently to suit individual tastes will clearly exacerbate the problem.
Addiction is not the only risk, and security experts have recently revealed the dangers that hackers may pose through your personal robot.
Experts have recently expressed concern that sex robots are becoming more and more popular, potentially turning Japanese into \"endangered species \".
For those who are more outspoken about risk, more and more sex robot brothels and others offer an opportunity to try online love for less than £ 100.
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