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Looking for a prototype factory in Ningbo-You can also compare the manufacturers in Shenzhen

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2018-12- 18 10: 00

Sunny from Ningbo is an international trading company based in Belgium by searching'Ningbo prototype factory' After finding the extension model, the customer service Xiao Liu asked her contact information and transferred it to Chen Gong, the business. Customers send drawings to Chen Gong for quotation. Since most of their customers are from Europe, many of their prototypes are generally better quality.

at first sunny thought that the extension model was a prototype factory in Ningbo, however, what I saw on the quotation was the manufacturer in Shenzhen. Chen UNIDO showed her some related videos and Ningbo customers and told her that the traffic is so developed now, the delivery of the Shenzhen prototype factory is also fast. Sunny feels that this is the reason, or the order is given to the extension model.

The initial cooperative extension model received an order from the customer for low-pressure perfusion, this kind of technology is still quite awesome in Shenzhen, and many Ningbo prototype factories may not be comparable. After the price was quoted to the customer, they felt very satisfied, and then placed the order, bought the mold first, and paid the money for 5 sample orders.

The CEO of the later customer came to Shenzhen to work, a special visit to Ningbo prototype factory. After the customer came to the company that day, the American technician of the extension model-- Brad and Chen Gong specially carried out the reception work. After the customer saw the factory, he was particularly satisfied with the company's strength and scale. He hoped that there would be more cooperation in the future. Chen Gong took customers to visit the mold factory, injection molding factory, film cover Department, manual department and so on. Customers like it very much.

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