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Looking for Chengdu prototype factory-Not necessarily local

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-02- 17 08: 23

some time ago, Miss Li in Chengdu searched through the Internet'Chengdu prototype factory' Contacted the extension model, Cao Gong received him in the relevant business, and Cao Gong learned in the communication that Miss Li had to do a large prototype size, so before I found several local prototype factories, I couldn't completely process the prototype. I heard my friend say that the prototype production technology on Shenzhen is relatively mature, and I thought of finding a prototype supplier online.

Cao Gong sent Miss Li a copy of the extension in communication PPT of model company profile, and told her how long the CNC machine tool of the extension model is 2 m, which is larger than the normal Chengdu prototype factory. After Cao Gong took the initiative to sign a confidential agreement with Miss Li, Miss Li quickly sent 3D and process drawings. After Cao Gong looked at the drawings again, he worked out some processing plans with the engineers. Miss Li was very happy after listening. She quickly signed a prototype production contract and made an advance payment.

after receiving his advance payment, cao Gong immediately began to list. It took almost a whole week. After the prototype was produced, Cao Gong took a photo to confirm the customer, confirmed that the quantity was correct, and then packaged it and sent it to the customer. Miss Li was also very satisfied with the prototype received, and said that the tuowei model is a prototype factory that is very reassuring and worry-free. Therefore, if you need to find a prototype factory in Chengdu, you don't have to find a local manufacturer. Sometimes the manufacturer in Shenzhen is also good and will be more guaranteed in terms of quality.

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