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nasa to launch 3d printer into space to help supply astronauts

by:Tuowei     2019-09-04
NASA is preparing to launch a 3D printer and a toaster into space next year.
This greatly reduces the need for astronauts to load all the tools, spare parts or supplies they may need.
The printer will become an infinitely designed flying factory to make objects by squeezing one layer after another of plastic from the long strands that are coiled around the large shaft.
Doctors use them to make replacement joints, and artists use them to make fine jewelry.
At NASA labs, engineers are 3D printing small satellites that can launch and transmit data to Earth from the space station, as well as replacement and rocket components that can survive at extreme temperatures.
\"At any time we realize we can 3D print something in space, like Christmas,\" said inventor Andrew Ferro . \" He is negotiating with NASA on the project.
\"You can get rid of the concept of ration, scarcity or irreplaceable.
\"The plastic wire shaft may eventually replace the racks of additional instruments and hardware, although the upcoming task is just a demo printing job.
\"If you want to adapt to the environment, you have to be able to design and manufacture in flight, and that\'s where Space 3D printing comes from,\" Dave Korsmeyer said . \", NASA is located 35 miles south of San Francisco, engineering director of the Ames Research Center at the Moffett oilfield.
NASA\'s first 3D printer, which will be tested in space in the fall of 2014, has a dozen machines to choose from, from a $300 desktop model to a $500,000 warehouse builder.
However, all of this is built for use on Earth, and space travel brings challenges, from the load and vibration of the launch to the stress of working in orbit, including weightlessness, different air pressures, limited power, temperature change.
So NASA hired the Silicon Valley space startup to build something new.
Imagine that an astronaut needs to create a life. or-
\"The Death repair of the International Space Station,\" said Aaron Kemmer, CEO of space manufacturing.
\"Instead of hoping that the necessary parts and tools are already on the station, what about 3D printing when the parts are needed?
\"Kemmer and his partners warned engineers of ups and downs when staffing his startup in 2010 ---
In more than a dozen flights of NASA\'s \"vomiting comet --
A gravity plane made in space, scientists tested the printer after the printer.
Last week, at the headquarters of NASA campus, space engineers wearing lab coats and hair nets patched a sealed 3D printer in a dust-free clean room for further pre-launch tests.
As proof of its utility, the team re-examined the infamous 1970 moon --
Apollo was about to take the devastation when the astronauts were forced to rush
Install the life saving carbon dioxide filter holder with plastic bag, manual cover and adhesive tape.
The 3D printer can solve this problem in a few minutes.
\"Security has always been one of our biggest concerns,\" said Michael Chen, a strategy official . \".
In the space station, there are serious consequences for Sparks, damage and surges.
\"But when we do it right, we believe it\'s the only way to live in space,\" he said . \". Space-
In the end, the bound printer also needs to capture the gas emitted from the extruded plastic to be able to print its own parts
Repair printed products and have some ability to recycle them into new products.
Scott Crump, who helped develop 3D printing technology in 1988, made a toy frog for his daughter with a glue gun in his kitchen, said he never imagined this for space
But he says applications will be limited until metal is widely used in 3D printers.
\"The good news is that you don\'t have to have such a huge inventory in space, but the bad news is that now you need materials, in this case, thin silk, he said: \"And there is a lot of power. \".
3D printing is being advanced by NASA and other international space agencies.
Mastering space manufacturing, as well as finding and producing water and food on the moon or other planets, can lead to living in space.
Last month, NASA awarded borsell to clean it. -
By 2020, a project to build large antennas and solar generators in space using 3D printing and robots will receive an unlimited $500,000.
It replaces the expensive and tedious process of making foldable parts on Earth and assembling them in orbit.
For Space Manufacturing\'s debut, the initial fingerprints will be tested when it shuttles to the space station on a space cargo replenishment mission ---
Different small shapes need to be studied for strength and precision.
They are also discussing with NASA what the first real work they should print is.
No matter what it is, one day it will become an object of historical and symbolic significance.
\"This is not something we are talking about in public now,\" said CEO Kemmer . \".
Then Jason Dunn, the CTO, motioned and grinned and lowered his voice.
\"We will build a dead star,\" he joked softly . \" He is referring to the giant space station that could blow up planets in Star Wars movies.
\"Then everything will end.
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