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Pick up your sleeves and cheer up--The lively start of the dumpling feast of tuowei model!

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2017-09- 04 15: 19

On the start of the new year, when Tuowei is reunited. We come from all over the world, because of work, because of dreams, we get together! The new year started to expand the enthusiasm of the people, and the enthusiasm returned to the team.

in order to celebrate the arrival of the new year, the Taowei model decided to say goodbye to 2016 in the traditional way,' Pick up your sleeves and cheer up. Do it all, make dumplings'The activity received a positive response from various departments. So, the dumpling feast began in everyone's laughter and the sound of pots and pans!

whether it is dumpling stuffing, noodles, dumplings, boiled dumplings, everyone is familiar with each process, with their own home-watching skills, they are all like a chef. In fact, they are the best soldiers in all positions of the company. Everyone has division of labor and cooperation, and cooperation is tacit. Bibi'Contractor'Which one is strong, all of them are strong!

after some cooperation and efforts, the strange dumplings were finally born from everyone! Some are like Fubao, some are like silver ingots, and some are like ingots. . . . . . This is worthy of the audience!

simple activity, not only let everyone feel the atmosphere of reunion, but also showed'Unity is victory' The spirit of collective cooperation, I hope this spirit can always accompany everyone in the future work and life! At the same time, I also wish everyone to eat their own dumplings, can be full of energy in the new year, seize the chicken!

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