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Print your own gardening accessories

by:Tuowei     2019-08-27
When the 3D printer first came out, it was priced for the technology stock Sudan;
The family amateur has no chance.
But prices have fallen, and the devices are just in the splurge.
Now you can also build simple farm and garden equipment in the basement.
Remember: these are early ones.
With more and more armchair inventors involved, the idea of 3D printers will become more complex and interesting.
But now you can copy and modify the following items using your home 3D printer.
Treat them as the taste of the future.
Sometimes the hen needs a little gentle encouragement to lay the egg;
Surround them with fake eggs.
Paul Waak of Texas proposed such a design to increase productivity.
His wife said the production of eggs was encouraged to double (although Waak thought the increase was smaller ).
This design is tailored to the size and shape of Malan eggs, but you can adjust it to the specifications of your chicks.
Cabbage flowers can be annoying, but you don\'t need pesticides to stop them. A well-
Placing a bait near your cabbage or radish planting area signals: \"moving along this area is claimed.
Vik Olliver of New Zealand designed this, and his wife Kate says it \"drastically reduces\" the number of caterpillars that eat their plants.
This project is a small design win where you can reuse beautiful little garden signs every year.
Paul Hoover, a true evangelist and designer for 3D printing, said he was tired of washing off his sharp logo.
So he made the logos in a cute, successful font, and others also imitated his style.
Hoover noted that the signs worked well for the decorative gift factory.
Are there any old rain ditches that have been smashed around Matthew kroenshaw? He came up with a simple and practical 3D way to make them into fence pots
Printed brackets.
The design is easy to modify for ditches of different sizes, Crenshaw says, and he even envisions making ditches with wood, or re-designing ditch with vertical suspension.
\"It\'s important for me that we all take our ideas out and figure out what works,\" he said . \".
The seed bomb is the complete weapon of the guerrilla gardener, a way to throw a concentrated plant explosion into the hardto-
Where to arrive or check carefully.
There may be more efficient ways to make bombs than 3D printers, but they may not be that cool.
Tony Buser designed a water for them.
So the shell will melt away soon.
This is still in its infancy, but we have to include it. It’s aBee-
Robots, designed to help the world\'s flagging bee population perform their duties of pollination.
David hadkas, the creator of England, wants others to accept his ideas and run with them to give bees
Robots use the power of flight to equip them with GPS positioning.
Free flight for bee drones!
Sluslu, Andy Capps, who invaded the pest, is always scrambling to drink a little beer.
The English production is a little bit tricky for 3D plug trapwith.
You fill the reservoir with a little beer, and then sluslu climbs in and can\'t lift yourself up any more.
Sorry slug but at least you will be drunk.
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