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Prototype factory in Wuhan-Customers place orders repeatedly

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-07- 24 11: 27

more than eleven o'clock . M. on Friday, Wuhan prototype factory received an inquiry. This customer needs to customize the prototype of a new product. When he received his call, the customer told the customer service that his prototype is now a secondary customization, because the actual effect of the prototype factory customized for the first time is very bad, and it can't meet his requirements. The surface of the prototype was not handled well and did not help solve the problem, so the customer found the extension model on the Internet. So how to choose a reliable and trustworthy prototype factory? Urinating gives you a brief introduction.

Wuhan prototype factory now tells everyone, when choosing a prototype factory, it is necessary to evaluate the overall strength of the manufacturer, which can be determined from the factory operation scale, staff, machinery and equipment, technical work experience, manufacturing industry qualification certificate, etc. Moreover, from the perspective of production process, usually large-scale prototype factories can be carried out separately from production to post-processing in the enterprise without external processing. And after-sales service is also very cooperative with customers. Each process often has professional staff to follow up and timely feedback the production and processing progress to customers.

If you choose Wuhan's first bus, you should choose a manufacturer like the extension model. , in line with the above-mentioned scale factory, it is serious and responsible, and Tuowei always considers the customer from the customer's point of view. Such a factory has such good service and quality, and you must not miss it.

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