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Prototype factory-Pay attention to production details

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2019-08- At 10: 25

It has been a long time since the prototype manufacturer came to work. Karar, a consumer who clinched the deal for a while, came from France. He was a customer who was followed up by sandy, who was a pioneer model. sandy quoted him many times before and did not cooperate, but she never gave up and sent an email greeting from time to time.

The customer did not contact the prototype manufacturer two or three months ago now, however, the accident was that an email was suddenly sent a few days ago in the morning. The email question type indicated that SLA laser was to be quickly formed. The material was light-sensitive tree Ester, 100 sets were made, and one set of test products was first tested, I sent sandy a visual together. The Moral he wanted to describe was that he wanted the plastic function, and the material was made of plastic abs.

The prototype manufacturer behind made SLA according to his requirements prototype sample, after the prototype model manufacturing company made it, it found that it could not achieve the effect of plasticity, and then sent a mailbox to contact the customer. After two discussions, it was suggested that he still have a vacuum film cover to do better, moreover, the soft glue material can achieve plasticity. In order to reduce his loss, the previous one was made for him free of charge. The customer was also satisfied with this, so he made an order very readily.

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