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Prototype factory-Trustworthy company

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-02- 19 12: 00

Mr. Zhang of Xiaolong automobile searched online'Prototype factory' Find the extension model, first understand it on the official website of the extension, and see that the general manager of the extension model, Mr. ou Guojun, accepted the interview with the Asian man of the wind, and felt that the extension is a reliable prototype company, and consulted the online customer service, customer service Xiao Zhu to his contact information, transferred it to the business Chen Gong.

Chen Gong first briefed him on the company's situation, including the number of CNC machining equipment in the car prototype factory, the number of employees and so on. The customer got to know about it and then asked Chen Gong for some offers and instructions. Since some details were not settled, the customer refused to reach a cooperation, so Chen Gong asked the customer to come to the factory. few days later, the customer went from Wuhan to Shenzhen to further understand the extension model.

The customer has high dimensional requirements for the appearance and accuracy of the prototype, chen Gong took him to visit and understand the factory personnel, production equipment, testing equipment, quality inspection process and so on in the car prototype factory. The customer was very happy after reading it, on the spot, it was said that all the items quoted before should be made to the extension model. Chen Gong is very pleased. Sincere service to every customer brings more than a simple business, but more trust. The customer is willing to give him important projects, it is also the recognition of the extension model technology.

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