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Prototype manufacturer, good reputation

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2018-08- Hello everyone, our company is a prototype manufacturer located in Shenzhen. Recently introduced, multiple five-axis confidential processing machines. For better service, new and old customers.

just this month, a product engineer from a Beijing company is looking for a new prototype maker. I found the relevant introduction of the company on Baidu. We are a CNC processing equipment with 55 units, and we have purchased many high-priced five-axis machines this year. 17 years experience in prototype processing.

The industry reputation of prototype manufacturers is very good. Want to contact us to make a prototype. Call our project manager. After the description comes, send the 3D drawing to be quoted by our project manager. Because we trust the strength of our company. After the negotiation, it was very smooth and the cooperation was reached quickly.

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