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Prototype model making-Mentality is important

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-01- 24 08:04

It is very important to do business in the prototype model making industry, because the situation you are facing may be a direct rejection or language attack from multiple customers, but if you can't adjust your status in time, then continue to work hard, then it will soon be eliminated by the industry and there will be no results.

In fact, when I clinched a US customer, I am very touched by the demand for the original model production, because at the beginning, the customer told me directly not to send him an email, but I still did not give up, because I know he's my potential customer, but he hasn't opened them yet. 'Door' Just, in this case, the state was quickly adjusted. After all, the performance goal was not achieved. I was still under pressure, so I went directly to the customer's information and LinkedIn and Skype, after checking, it is determined that it is the same customer, so the next step is to understand the position and interests of this customer.

learned through Facebook, this customer is a sports lover and an engineering designer who is responsible for the prototype model production outsourcing. At that time, with these points, he adjusted the skills of speaking and the content of the Mail again, quickly talk about design and sports first. At that time, the customer still did not return the email, but the customer did not delete my email directly but showed'Read' I think I took another step away from the customer. Then, I continued to increase my Firepower. When the customer got off work, I called and started chatting, at the beginning, the phone was very important. At that time, I talked to the customer about sports. The customer talked to me about a lot of his past experiences. He said that he was a long-distance marathon and cycling enthusiasts, so at that time, the distance with the customer took another step.

but I can't eat hot tofu in a hurry. I have to come step by step, therefore, we must insist on it, or insist on greeting customers occasionally. It is very important to call communication without such a strong purpose, otherwise it will arouse customers' resentment. One day directly, the customer suddenly contacted me and said that I would quote a new prototype model production project. At that time, I was very happy, so I immediately quoted the customer, then after the quotation, I also called the customer to say thank you for his support. The customer said that he had a fixed supplier. If we quote well, customers change their suppliers directly. Later, we quoted the past. The customer said that although our price is not particularly advantageous, he appreciates our service, so he is willing to give us a chance!

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