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Prototype model Manufacturing Company-Not to miss every message

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-05- 07 11: 45

It has been several months since the prototype model manufacturing company learned a lot here during this time. Karar, a customer who made the deal during this time, is from Sweden. He was a customer who was followed up by one of my colleagues before. My colleagues quoted him several times before and did not cooperate successfully. I haven't contacted each other for two or three months. Suddenly, I sent an email inquiry one day. The email title states that I want to do SLA. The material is resin and 100 sets are made, do a set of sample tests first, and send me a video at the same time. What he wants to express is that he wants to achieve such a toughness effect, it is obvious that the material used in him is rubber or TPU.

SLA resin was made later according to his requirements, dyed black, the prototype model manufacturing company found that it could not achieve the effect of toughness after it was made, and then sent an email to communicate with the customer. After some discussion, the result suggested that the customer do two re-molded TPU, that night, I took a video of the TPU model and told him to choose a degree. Although there were some unpleasant things on the price, after some discussion, but it's still solved.

after this project, it has been deeply understood, every information given by the customer, the prototype model manufacturing company should not be missed, otherwise it will lead to a big mistake. Therefore, after foreign customers send the drawings and lists, I will check them carefully.

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