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Prototype Model processing manufacturer-Pay attention to confidential reputation

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-01- 19 11: 47

now many enterprises will make prototypes to check whether there are errors in product appearance and structural design when developing and designing new products, however, when making a prototype, you need to find a powerful prototype model processing manufacturer, so that the prototype can be better tested and improved by the designer.

Mr. Gu searched Baidu some time ago'Prototype Model processing factory' I saw a lot of information about the extension model, such as the official website, Baidu Experience, Baidu Knows, and I also learned some of the strength of the extension and the reputation of the customer, I contacted manager Huang of tuowei's project manager through customer service. In communication with customers, manager Huang learned that Mr. Gu's product was recently designed and has not yet been announced, therefore, the company's leaders attach great importance to secrecy. Manager Huang immediately signed a secrecy agreement with Mr. Gu.

It is precisely because of the secrecy of the extension model that there are many the scale of the prototype model processing manufacturers is relatively large, later, the drawings were sent to manager Huang. After communicating some details, the process and price were quickly placed.

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