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Prototype model vendor-Not just price

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-01- 03 17: 17

there are some purchases that do not understand to evaluate the quality of the prototype. When selecting the prototype model manufacturer, they are too concerned about the price, that is, the problem of a little more money, often ignoring the quality problem, will feel that the same is the prototype factory, the things must be the same, so the price is low to choose which one. This understanding is completely wrong. If there is a competitive price in the market, there will be a high or low price. Some small companies will rely on their own small factories for low cost and do everything to pick up orders, after receiving the order, we will not pay attention to the quality of the customer.

encountered such a customer telling me about it in the extension dimension model case: mr. Li is a procurement, a very important project. In the case of many suppliers, he chose a small scale for the company to save costs, the prototype model manufacturers with lower prices cooperated. The small prototype factory did not have the ability to process their samples at all. He did not go to this small factory to understand the situation, in the case of not telling him clearly, he also received the order. The delivery period is not only east and west, but also the quality is not recognized. Mr. Li not only wasted this opportunity to show samples to his customers, it also lost the cost of the company and wasted so many people's efforts to let the company lose a customer. He learned through this case that good goods are certainly not cheap.

The extension model was contacted later, after visiting the company, I also recognized it very much. The order was transferred to the Tuowei model. The cooperation is very pleasant now. Therefore, when looking for a prototype model manufacturer, we should not only pay attention to the price.

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