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Prototype processing plant

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-12- 28 20: 24

Mr. Li in Beijing is the purchasing director of a company, whose company is doing medical equipment and finds the extension model through the online search prototype processing factory.

Business Miss Zheng is responsible for Mr. Li's reception, I gave him an introduction. Mr. Li said that our company is also quite big. You can understand it first, and then send a picture to let the extension model see if it can be done. Mr. Li said that he asked many prototype processing plants and replied that the accuracy was too high. The requirements are not met unless five-axis machining is available, but several do not have the conditions for a 5-axis machine.

See the new five-axis machine in the introduction of the extension dimension model, there are also samples made through the five-axis machine, which are very beautiful and do not need any manual polishing. This is what they need. Now the company urgently needs such partners, mr. Li sent the drawings to the business to evaluate whether the five-axis machine of the Tuwei prototype processing factory can be processed in place. Through the evaluation of the project manager, the project programming, tell the customer the processing time and process of each location, customers do batch.

for the sake of more insurance, business Miss Zheng suggested that he try a sample first, and the tuowei prototype processing factory carefully made a sample. After the five-axis machined samples of Mr. Li's prototype, the technology and processing ability of the Tuwei model were affirmed, small batches are already under negotiation.

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