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Prototype proofing factory-Oil injection does not fade-Processing size 2 m

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-01- 03 17: 31

Mr. Wang is a tuowei prototype proofing factory seen on the website. He also saw that the processing samples made by the tuowei model are similar to the results they want, I contacted the online customer service on the website, and the customer service Xiao Liu asked Miss Zheng to dock with him.

Mr. Wang wants to make a plastic medical shell, this medical shell is relatively large, and it is required not to remove parts to worry about insufficient strength and high color difference. It is necessary to spray medical White and spray grain texture. It is not possible to change color and paint. Before processing in other prototype proofing factories, the paint fell off in particular, and the strength was not enough. It was said that the overall processing could not be guaranteed. Seeing the main business of the extension model, there was a medical one. I also saw that many similar shells have been done very well. I sent a set of drawings to Tuwei for quotation. The project manager carefully evaluated the drawings after seeing the drawings and gave the price and delivery date.

Business Miss Zheng also invited them visit the prototype proofing factory, see that the CNC machining size of the extension is 2 m * 1. 3*650 can meet their processing requirements, so they signed the contract very readily and made an advance payment.

Tuowei has been operating for 17 years, and the scale is also very large, the project team is very attentive to serving his project, and the whole is very satisfied. After the technical post-processing discussion with all the project teams, the follow-up service will be timely feedback to the customers. If you want to find a prototype proofing factory with good injection effect and large processing size, you might as well look at the extension model.

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