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Rapid prototyping for 3d printing-Fast Delivery

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2019-01- 27 08:22

3D printing rapid prototyping, a 3D CAD file is required regardless of the process, dividing it into two-dimensional layers, then build a two-dimensional layer of a part layer by layer. 3D printing is important because it changes how we think about manufacturing. We will detail why 3D printing is seen as a game changer for manufacturing, including how 3D printing changes prototypes and production through cost, delivery time, and design freedom.

In this era of rapid technological development, in the rapid model manufacturing industry, fast has often become the key to competition between enterprises. Today's economic situation is grim. Many enterprises also choose 3D printing rapid prototyping technology in rapid manufacturing. Because it can not only guarantee efficiency, but also deal with many products with complex structure. Therefore, in the competition of speed, we have our own advantages.

BANKLEE, a customer from the United States, last looked for the extension model in Alibaba. If you want to make 300 sets of small parts quickly, the relevant staff of the extension model recommended that he use 3D printing rapid prototyping technology, which is fast and convenient. The customer accepted it and made the product in less than a few days, and the quality delivery period reached the customer's requirements. When the customer received the prototype, he said with deep experience:' If CNC machining is used, I don't know how long it will take to receive the goods. '

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