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Taking the 3D leap: Indians get edgy with this technology

by:Tuowei     2019-08-17
3D printing can produce things including food, medicine and artificial limbs, which is a reality despite the high price.
ReportsAmrita MadhukalyaA world reports that Indians have gained a foothold in this technology, where you can press a button to make tableware, stationery, medicines, household items and even food!
No, it\'s no longer the realm of imagination, it\'s no longer the untrustworthy plot in future science fiction --
Science fiction film, it\'s happening here now.
Print through 3D.
The technology is still in its infancy, very expensive and costs thousands of dollars even in the United States, so it has not yet become a daily reality.
But Indians are also gaining ground.
Manufacturers around the world are producing food, fighter parts, artificial limbs, images of the Hubble Space Telescope, clothes and musical instruments.
Vishesh Sisodia, Delhi, explains: \"3D printing or 3D printing is an unconventional manufacturing process that, unlike traditional subtraction, employs additional manufacturing methods
Based on 3D printing technology.
In the subtraction method of manufacturing, a mass block is subtracted from a mass block to obtain a specific shape.
However, 3D printing uses additional layers of material to build the product.
The design is sent to the computer-
Control the printer and the material is loaded onto the syringe in liquid form.
The printer prints the object by stacking the horizontal and vertical layers of the material together to meet the needs of the user.
Vishesh and his friend Rakesh, eager to be part of the emerging industry, started the company eight months ago.
They make jewelry and charge printing fees anywhere above the Rs500 depending on the complexity of the design, the quantity of materials required and the size of the product.
3D printing is in its infancy in India.
Due to the costs involved, there are less than 10 organizations providing commercial 3D printing services in India.
Surendranath, Freddy-
3D printers based on 3D Ding are imported into this country and it feels like there is still a long way to go.
\"I have imported about 15 printers since last July.
The cost of these printers is between Rs.
Rs 50,000 to a few.
\"This is still a niche area,\" Reddy said . \". Delhi-
Srishti Bajaj, product designer in charge of home decoration products, quickly produced her product prototype using this technology. “High-
There is no free terminal technology in India.
Methods like organic printing are unheard of here.
In the United States, designers make various types of threads with different dyes.
\"The prototype of the US Army\'s suit is printed out, even in various forms of silicone,\" Bajaj said . \".
\"3D printing helped express the error --
Bangalore added: \"design and display complex design products for free, complete smoother
Product designer Micheal Foley works with his team to make watches, jewelry and cater to the custom design of the customer.
\"With 3D printing, you can stimulate the plastic to produce a variety of quality plastics and use a variety of colors and textures, which is not possible in alternative methods such as injection molding. It pre-
Solve problems and reduce errors.
This is the gospel of medicine.
\"The reason why this revolutionary technology has become a miracle for our time is because of the democratizing of the consumer goods manufacturing industry, christian Anderson, a former editor of Wired and a prominent advocate of this technology, is in his new industrial revolution.
The food industry is the latest industry to adapt to 3D printing.
ChefJet, a 3D printer that can print edible digital food of all tastes, announced last month that it will be sold for $5,000 by later this year.
Food giant Hershey announced more
Last year, a joint development agreement was reached with 3D Systems, the manufacturer of ChefJet last month.
This means that the shape and size of chocolate are different now.
team of scientists is working to repair the two living Buddhas in Afghanistan, which were destroyed by the Taliban.
The other is to build a scaffold for the body parts that can be covered by cells to grow real cells.
The 3D printer has been there since 1970.
1980, used to manufacture prototypes in the fields of aviation, defense and automotive industries.
In the United States, the market value of 3D printer materials is $70.
It was $5 million in 2012 and is expected to reach $209.
6 million according to a study conducted by MarketsandMarkets, a US global market research and consulting firm, by 2018.
Asia, according to the study-
The Pacific region is the second largest consumer of printed materials after North America, and both sides will compete for market dominance by 2018.
There is, however, another side.
Many people worry that the technology will also do harm. In 2012, a 26-year-
Old American Cody Wilson developed the prototype of the Liberator, a plastic gun that can be made with a 3D printer.
Last year, Wilson, who positioned himself as a password
The anarchy uploaded his design online and downloaded it for free.
The design had been downloaded 100,000 times before the US authorities removed it.
The detractors also pointed out the huge losses that manufacturing companies will suffer in the future.
End of license and copyright.
The popular sharing site Piratebay has a section called \"entity\" where people can download digital designs to print.
Anderson pointed out that when the 3D printer becomes a household product, it is almost impossible to solve the copyright requirements of the product.
But for now, we are waiting for a revolution to unfold.
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