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tech predictions 2015: what to expect from gadgets and gaming in the new year

by:Tuowei     2019-08-15
2014 is an interesting year for tech companies: we say goodbye to Nokia phones and Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer and say hello to smartwatch and ever before
Smart tablets, we see a lot of new smartphones, computers and accessories.
So what is the key technology trend of 2015?
Although you \'ve heard that Windows 8 is not a bad OS: While the release fails, various updates have fixed most of the issues with the early adopters rant.
Unfortunately, however, mud sticks and Windows 8 are generally considered a donkey.
Go to Windows 10, the latest and greatest version of Windows, it\'s much better than Windows 8, and Microsoft can\'t call it Windows 9.
It will be released later in 2015 and promises to be a fast, funky, secure and secure operating system that is sensitive --
Feely on touch screen and keyboard-
Mou West on laptop
Microsoft knows it has to correct this, and so far there are signs that it has corrected this.
Wearable devices are expected to be the biggest thing in technology in 2015, and Apple\'s Apple Watch is expected to dominate most of the headlines.
In addition to health and fitness tracking-which will sell a lot of devices in 2015-smartwatches don\'t have an obvious killer app yet, but this also applies to the first-generation iPad: we don\'t know what the smartwatch developers will come up with, but we can\'t wait to know.
At 2015, cheap computers will have their moments.
Laptops like 179 HP Stream 11 run Windows, connect to the cloud, covering all the basics of daily computing, and they do so at a much lower price than the equivalent tablet.
More is expected when Windows 10 is released.
We\'re still not sure if this is what we really need-the idea of 3D --
The printed replacement parts for vacuum cleaners and strange toys are good enough, but this is hardly a must
But the price of 3D printing will continue to decline in 2015.
Here\'s a virtuous circle: lower prices mean more 3D printer sales, which means more software supports 3D printing, which means more companies produce 3D printers, this will reduce the meaning . . . . . . You see.
Both Apple and Google are trying hard to crack the Internet.
Home and Internet
In the car market this year, smartphones are becoming more and more remote controls for your entire life.
Google has Nest smart thermostat and Android operating system, Apple has its HomeKit system, both companies haveThere are also car options.
In the coming year, we should see a lot of new devices in both categories.
With some exceptions, such as the last one of us: Remastered, most of what we see on the next show --
So far the gen console looks definitely the last one
Gen: While games like Wolfenstein: new orders are a pleasure, the only real difference between the next orders
Second generation and Upper
The price of the Gen version is higher.
This will change in 2015, with games like Evolve, Halo 5 and Uncharted 4 showing the ability of the console.
We are excited about the sky without one
PS4, eventually, Windows)
Again: The upcoming space adventure stole the show in 2014 of the game shows and it looks like the kind of game we\'re going to lose for months.
2015 is the year that virtual reality has begun to deliver on its promise: headphones like Facebook --
The owned Oculus VR offers such a real game that when they play alien: quarantine, there are already adults screaming in terror.
Oculus should be released in beta form in early 2015, and Morpheus, a similar Sony project, may also appear.
There are also smartphone VR headsets for Samsung Gear VR and Google DIY project Cardboard.
The contactless payment system Apple Pay, which has been launched in the United States, will land in the UK on 2015.
Chips and pins are still seen as terrible new products in the United States, which is a big deal
But in the UK, contactless payments are already common, which is less noticeable.
That is to say, if someone has a chance to make mobile payment mainstream, it\'s Apple.
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