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Technology of 3D printing prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2014-08- 13 09: 12

3D printing is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, which is based on digital model files, the technology of using adhesive materials such as powdered metal or plastic to construct objects by printing layer by layer. Simply put, if you split an item into a very large thin layer, 3D printing is to print the thin layer one layer by one layer, cover the next layer, and combine it with it, until the object is printed.

3D printing is usually done with a digital technology material printer. In the past, it used to be used in mold manufacturing, industrial design and other fields. It is now gradually used in the direct manufacturing of some products. There are already parts printed using this technology.

The reason why 3D printing can cause a high degree of attention and technology boom around the world is that it can indeed create a new industrial revolution. 3D printing can greatly reduce the basic requirements and investment quota for manufacturing to establish factories. It can trigger a new round of small enterprises to flourish and expand, under the large-scale industrial model, with the lack of innovation and flexible production mechanism of modern industry, a large number of competitive small enterprises will be born, and the bottleneck of the future manufacturing industry will be greatly reduced, many enterprises will be able to re-liberate manufacturing from the OEM state of the current professional division of labor, and now the global product approximation, Lei assimilation,'Technology is shell-changing'Such phenomena will be terminated.

China is currently more active in this field, but this technology is in an era of rapid progress and the replacement time is short, every few months, a generation of technology will change, go against the water, and lag behind if there is a slight pause. At the same time, China needs to pay attention to marketization after achieving certain results. In the future, the equipment market for 3D printing will be vast, more than $100 billion a year, and consumables is even more amazing, can reach hundreds of billions of levels, can be said to master the 3D can rule the world.

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