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The development of RP technology and the history of manufacturing technology

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
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The development history of RP technology and the history of manufacturing technology

In the past 20 years, the manufacturing market environment has undergone tremendous changes: On the one hand, the short timeliness of consumer interest and the increasingly subjective, personalized and diversified consumer demand; On the other hand, the regional and international market barriers are diluted or broken, so that manufacturers have to focus on the fierce competition in the global market. The rapid introduction of diversified products to the market is an important guarantee for manufacturers to seize the market opportunities and survive. This leads to the shift of manufacturing values from product-oriented to customer-oriented redirection, manufacturing strategy focus from cost and quality to time and response, etc. This can be regarded as an important background for the research and practice of modern manufacturing models such as CIM, parallel engineering and agile manufacturing.

The Strategy of traditional manufacturing industry is scale benefit first, price first and quality first were proposed in 1980s, and it has developed into market response first since 1990s. Rapid prototyping has become a hot spot in international research. Automated manufacturing systems focus on responding to market orders. Nowadays, the opportunity of the market depends on enterprises to grasp and create. Therefore, the rapid development of products is the leader of Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing, will become the key to win the 21st century international market competition.

since 1980s, due to the development of light, machine, electricity and material science, a rapid prototyping manufacturing technology based on the principle of material accumulation (RP)Born. In just a few years, the technology was widely accepted by the manufacturing industry. This technology can quickly change the CAD digital model into the physical model of the part under the control of the computer. So CAD & RAR; RP Prototype & rarr; Evaluation & rarr; CAD modification has gradually become a new design pattern to ensure the success of a design.

in home appliances and automobile manufacturing, mold forming parts account for 50% of the manufacturing hours ~ 70%. The RP-based RT technology developed in recent years can quickly copy the RP prototype out of samples or small batch functional parts of various engineering materials to realize the trial production and trial sales of products, order or occupy the market.

RT technology can also quickly obtain a steel mold for electrode manufacturing. This method can make all kinds of precision and complex molds such as injection mold, die casting mold and die casting mold. At present, the rapid prototyping technology has been widely used in the fields of automobiles, aerospace, ships, household appliances, industrial design, medical care, architecture, crafts production and children's toys, and with the continuous development and improvement of this technology itself, its application scope will continue to expand.

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