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The plastic prototype proofing factory is deeply recognized by customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-10- 24 17: 05

The plastic prototype is used more in the whole prototype industry, mainly because it is more convenient to process and the cost is relatively low, therefore, when many customers are making prototypes, if there are no special requirements, they will choose to use plastic materials to do them. When making prototypes, they should choose a good plastic prototype proofing factory, in this way, we can make a satisfactory prototype.

there are more than 3000 customers working with Tuwei models nationwide, including Mr. Hu from Xixiang. Mr. Hu has been cooperating with tuowei model for three years. Some time ago, several sets of plastic prototypes needed proofing, so he sent out drawings to make a quotation, because he was an old customer, so Mr. Hu placed an order soon and made an advance payment.

Originally, the extension model could be able to be within the specified time according to the original plan. within the shipment, however, due to a power outage one day in the middle, the extension model specially handled the matter and expedited production, and the office staff will take the initiative to go to the production department for polishing after work, and finally completed it within the specified time, and the driver drove to Mr. Hu's company at 11: 00 late at night. After receiving the prototype, Mr. Hu said excitedly that the extension model is really a reassuring plastic prototype proofing factory.

Shenzhen plastic prototype proofing factory-- In the past 17 years, tuowei model has carefully done every single order and strictly controlled the production delivery period. It is a trustworthy prototype factory!

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