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The prototype processing business of aluminum alloy needs to make good use of RFQ

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-07- 27 22: 23

I received an email from a customer today, which is a customer who wants to make an aluminum alloy prototype. I quoted it on the RFQ, in fact, RFQ is a good opportunity to find customers. Although many times I have sent a lot of RFQ, many customers have not replied, and even the quotation will not be seen, I need to grasp this opportunity this time, after the RFQ quotation, I called the customer. Finally, he was moved by my sincerity and decided to do a small number of prototypes to understand the strength of the company.

since it is an aluminum alloy prototype, then the extension model has a great advantage in this piece. number of five-axis machines were introduced some time ago, and the processing accuracy can reach 0. 01mm, the error is very small, the result is very accurate during the test, can help customers develop new products in a short time.

The company has given us so much, such a good platform, there are such a good aluminum alloy prototype processing equipment, seize the opportunity, it is not far from success, at that time, I have to do it every day, send it every day, send it better than not, and send a certificate to have the opportunity, there are no opportunities, so we should make good use of the existing resources. Now we send RFQ every day, and the effect is not up to expectations. We have sold many prototype customers on RFQ.

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