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this 3d printed \'spider dress\' is the robotic fashion of the future

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
If one of your New Year\'s resolutions is to increase the space between you and strangers in public, a futuristic outfit known as a \"spider gown\" is about to fulfill all your 2015 dreams.
From the idea of engineers and designers Anouk Wiprecht, \"spider costume\" is a wearable technology that combines 3D printing with animation mechanics to create a real
Fashion experience.
A series of bones
Thanks to the configuration of proximity and breathing sensors, the limbs \"respond to external stimuli\", designed to \"protect the wearer\'s personal space \".
\"Through defense, we mean that the dress turns into a giant, aggressive spider looking ready to attack with the ready limbs.
On the contrary, if the wearer stays calm, the attachment of the body can attract outsiders with a more enthusiastic gesture.
The corset for spider dress is 3D
Wipprecht explained to Vice that printing \"it knows when you\'re focusing or distracted\" with selective laser sintering technology . \".
\"It knows when your heartbeat or stress levels rise and records with a camera at the highest level of your brain activity to provide your mood or attention map for the day.
\"The design is connected to the Intel Edison platform through input from Philip H.
Verk at the Palermo studio is still in the testing phase, and a Consumer Electronics Show will be held in Las Vegas next week.
In the meantime, you can take a look at the above teaser about tomorrow\'s fashion.
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