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Three major matters needing attention in the processing of prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2014-07- 19 10: 11

Shenzhen tuowei prototype model factory summarizes that the processing product model is slightly different from the processing mold according to years of model production experience. The following three major matters need to be paid attention to during processing :(1)Programming does not need to shrink, spark bit. For relatively small products can be enlarged 1. 2--5 times to process; Relatively large products can be reduced in proportion to processing.

(2) To fully express the shape of the product, multiple processing is required. After processing one face, the other side is processed from one angle, which involves the more clamping, positioning and accuracy ( This example needs to be processed twice, first the bottom shell part is processed, and then the product is turned over 180 °Process the shell part. When processing the face shell, use the vise to directly clamp the position of 15mm). Therefore, when preparing the processing technology, we must consider it thoroughly, so as to ensure that the number of clamping times is as small as possible, and the subsequent processing difficulties are avoided. (3) Due to the influence of the axial processing of ordinary CNC machine tools and the limited side of the knife, many fine emblem parts cannot be directly processed, which requires some auxiliary means to complete the subsequent processing ( Such as wire cutting, welding or manual repair, etc). Until satisfied.

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