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To be a prototype, looking for a trading company is better to find a manufacturer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2018-03- 13 16: 55

many people do not know that some prototype factories on the market do not have factories. After they receive the drawings of the customers, they will send them to the prototype factory for quotation, then add the corresponding profit to this price, and then report it to the customer to earn the difference! So when you are making a prototype, don't look for a trading company, but for a manufacturer. Are there the following benefits?

first, the price quoted by trading companies is relatively high, since they survive by earning the difference, the price must be higher than that of the prototype manufacturer, and some of the more ruthless trading companies will double the price given by the prototype factory; Second, the trading company needs to send the customer's drawings to the prototype factory for quotation, which will inevitably lead to the leakage of drawings. If multiple prototype factories are quoted at the same time, the probability of disclosure of trade secrets is higher; Third, after-sales service is not convenient. Since trading companies are not engaged in production, they don't know anything about prototype technology. Once there is a problem, they will be unable to do it when they are in after-sales service.

This is a real case: three years ago, A customer of the company (Trading Company) The person in charge who found the extension model said that his US customer GSI company was coming to their company for investigation, but he did not have a factory. What should I do? Don't let GSI company come to inspect it. It seems that there are ghosts in my heart and it is difficult to do business with them in the future; Let them show the stuffing again. After a painful struggle, he decided to bring American customers to Tuowei.

after the investigation, the head of GSI company has not only strong strength (55 large CNC machining centers) And has a price advantage, so it is strongly required to directly connect with the foreign trade business of the extension model. After the people of the trading company listened to this, they were dumb to eat Huanglian--I can't say anything about suffering.

so when doing the prototype, looking for a prototype manufacturer without looking for a trading company is not only cheap, but also convenient to communicate.

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