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To prototype, you need to find a prototype factory that is confidential and strict

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2018-09- 04 17: 29

In the design process of the product, after we have completed the design drawings, one thing I want to do is to know what kind of objects I design, whether the appearance matches my own design ideas, whether the structural design is reasonable, and so on? Prototype manufacturing is due to this demand. However, when making a prototype, pay attention to protecting your drawings from being leaked.

with the continuous progress of technology, now the possibility of copying products has greatly increased. If others really want to copy your products, it is possible to send pictures to suppliers when you do not sign a confidential agreement, it will increase the risk of others copying your products, and then others will release your new products in advance, thus losing a large market and causing irreparable losses. This shows how important it is to find a prototype factory that is confidential and strict.

in order to protect the drawings of the customer from being leaked, the extension model mainly protects customers' intellectual property rights from the following two aspects:

1. The computer installs confidential software. This confidential software is very good, as long as the drawings sent by the customer are encrypted-- Those drawings will have a lock-like mark on them. They need special personnel from the company to decrypt them before they can open the drawings, and they can only be opened on their own computers. If the drawings are taken out, they cannot be opened.

2, signed with the customer confidential agreement, after signing the non-disclosure agreement, we will strictly abide by these regulations and do not upload customers' pictures to the Internet within two years. By the time we release the pictures, the customer's new products have already been interviewed.

so if you need to make a prototype, if you need to find a prototype factory that is confidential and strict, the trade secrets will be guaranteed

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