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Tuowei prototype factory: adhering to the spirit of craftsman, focusing on high-quality prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-01- 08 17: 18

The so-called'Spirit of Craftsman' The specific performance is dedication, lean, focus and innovation. It is the craftsman who has carefully crafted the products produced and manufactured, and insists on improving the product qualification rate from 99% to 99. 99%. In the prototype industry, the extension model is aSpirit of Craftsman' Prototype factory, strive to make a high-quality prototype model to satisfy customers.

says'Spirit of Craftsman' It is easy to think of Lao Luo's hammer mobile phone. Lao Luo has always been the main'Feelings'Two words, praise'Spirit of Craftsman' Although I don't like his style of doing things, Lao Luo is really a person who does things with his heart. He can Polish such a mobile phone that looks quite good from scratch in two years, it is really not easy. This perseverance and persistence are admirable.

People in today's society are becoming more and more enthusiastic about personalized pursuit, in order to adapt to this trend, the speed of new product update is accelerating. As an important auxiliary tool for product development, the prototype is becoming more and more important in the product development process. Therefore, in the process of prototype model production, it is more important to reflect'Spirit of Craftsman' In order to create a prototype of excellent quality, let users develop new products that are more in line with customer needs, in order to succeed in the long-term market competition. For 16 years, Tuwei model has only focused on prototype production and never touched other industries in order to become No in the prototype industry. 1. In the past 16 years, after unremitting efforts, it has become a leader in the prototype industry.

looking back for 16 years, the reason why tuowei prototype factory can ride the wind and waves in the fierce competition is that the essence is to'Spirit of Craftsman' As the values of manufacturing enterprises, we focus on making high-quality prototypes.

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