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Basic process of production hearing aid equipment by laser sintering rapid prototyping technology

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2013-01- 18 21: 32

The basic process of laser sintering rapid prototyping technology to produce hearing aid equipment

The hearing aid industry strongly requires its products to be customized. Because the successful hearing aid product relies heavily on its adaptation to the anatomical properties of the ear canal, the industry cannot offer any products made on a large scale.

The process of using laser sintering to produce hearing aids is as follows:

1. Make a copy of an ear canal anatomy with wax casting.

2. Scan this wax casting with a scanner to get 3D data.

3. logo code is added to the 3D data, which can be used to help identify the hearing aid shell after the laser sintering process.

4. Laser sintering housing.

5. Combine the case of laser sintering with the electronic components.

In the hearing-aid equipment industry, laser sintering has become the choice of manufacturing process. The manufacturing process works with the same efficiency, regardless of whether it is a batch of the same products or different (One write)Products. Hundreds of hearing aid shells can be placed in the shape envelope of the laser sintering system, so that hundreds of products can be produced in one night.

electronic manufacturing fully embodies its potential: In the absence of two identical parts, it is a key function to directly use 3D CAD data for manufacturing process. Later in the production of the product, the data can be reused to make spare parts that are the same as the original geometry, each of which has a serial number inside the shell as the discrimination code used by the patient.

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