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Designs for 3D printer gun removed from website

by:Tuowei     2019-08-23
After a request from the US State Department, the design that can be used to make guns using 3D printers has been removed from the US website, which was released earlier this week.
Cody Wilson, who runs defcad
According to reports, org received a letter from State Department officials saying that he had released \"technical data\" without authorization \".
The move could violate arms export regulations.
Concerns about guns focus on the fact that a metal detector may not be easy to detect because it contains the least amount of metal.
The United States non-detectable firearms Act prohibits the manufacture, import, sale, shipment, delivery, possession, transfer or receipt of any firearms that cannot be detected on foot --
Through metal detectors
It prohibits airport X-the main component for generating accurate imagesray machines.
Earlier this week, Mr. Wilson released the Liberator\'s design, a simple gun made of plastic that sparked controversy.
The site also played a video of the weapon being launched.
From release to removal at the insistence of the State Council, these designs have been downloaded more than 100,000 times.
It is reported that although these designs have been deleted, copies of these designs are now freely disseminated on the Internet.
A note posted at the top of the Defcad website reads: \"At the request of the US Department of Defense\'s Trade Control Department, the Defcad file is being removed from public access.
\"Prior to further notification, the US government claimed control of the information. \" it said.
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